Regular Yarn

Matin Spinning Mills PLC makes combed yarn. Matin Spinning is nominated supplier for some buyers for premium quality yarn.

Matin Spinning is still producing card yarn for both color & white fabrics. White card yarn will contain less contamination because of our origin wise fiber selection & good processing parameter setting.

Matin Spinning is equipped with three types of compact facility:

     – Elite Compact (Pneumatic by Suessen)

     – Easy Compact (Mechanical by Sussen)

     – Rotorcraft (Mechanical by RoCoS)

For superior quality Matin Spinning has Siro Compact facility. Any kind of twist, S twist & Z twist both option is possible for us. High twisted as well as low twisted yarn is also possible.


  • – Carded Yarn
  • – Combed Yarn
  • – Combed Compact Yarn
  • – Low, High, ‘Z’ & ‘S’ Twisted Yarn